“Dewazakura Oka Jummai Ginjo”, a sake with a very nice scent

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This is an introduction to delicious sake by the Japanese “ComoAki” who loves sake.

I drank dewazakura, so I will tell you what kind of liquor it was.

This time, I bought “Nama Sake” that was not heat-treated, not “hiire” that was heat-treated.

”Dewazakura” has a very nice scent regardless of the type, but the “Nama Sake” with live jiuqu has a more pronounced scent.


About “Dewazakura Sake Brewery”


Basic information of “Dewazakura Sake Brewery”

  • location        Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
  • Founded       1892
  • Representative brand        Dewazakura

”Dewazakura” is not only bottled sake, but also canned products.

Dewazakura in a can

Dewazakura cans can be purchased at convenience stores in Japan, which is very convenient.

About “Dewazakura Oka Jummai Ginjo”


The first thing I want to say is that it has a very nice scent!

And it is a very easy-to-drink sake.

Some Japanese people are not good at sake, but there are many people who say, “I started to like sake after drinking Dewazakura.”

Basic information of “Dewazakura Oka Jummai Ginjo”

Basic information on “Dewazakura Oka Jummai Ginjo” is organized from labels and official websites.

  • Type of liquor      Junmai Ginjo
  • Rice polishing rate        50%
  • Raw rice        made in Japan 100%
  • Alcohol        15%

In addition, although the raw material rice is not listed for this sake, there are also products that use Yamagata Prefecture’s proud rice suitable for sake brewing, “Dewasansan”.

In addition, Dewazakura using “Yamada Nishiki” was sold as a limited product.

The scent and color of “Dewazakura Oka Jummai Ginjo”


Dewazakura is colorless and transparent as shown in the photo.

Again, the characteristic of this sake is its mellow aroma.

When you open the lid, there is a nice scent that reminds you of the fruit “melon”.

The taste of “Dewazakura Oka Jummai Ginjo”

The taste has a refreshing sweetness.

The strong scent spreads in your mouth.

For sake with a strong scent, if you breathe through your nose with sake in your mouth, you can feel the scent coming out of your nose.


Thank you for reading to the end.

There are various types other than the “Sakurahana” introduced this time.

I would like to drink various kinds of Dewazakura as long as my money allows.

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