“denshu Special Junmai” is Ginjo like scent

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This is an introduction to delicious sake by the Japanese “ComoAki” who loves sake.

Introducing sake that is difficult to obtain even in Japan.

Its name is denshu.

To buy this liquor, you need to visit the liquor store frequently.

This time, I happened to be able to purchase “denshu” at the store, so I would like to introduce my impressions of drinking it.


Nishida Shuzo Co., Ltd.


Basic information of “Nishida Shuzo Co., Ltd.”

  • location        Aomori Prefecture, Japan
  • Founded       1878
  • Representative brand        Denshu

Nishida Shuzo Brewery Co., Ltd. is a sake brewery founded in 1878 in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, and “Denshu” is very famous.

“denshu Special Junmai”


Then, I would like to introduce my impression of what kind of sake was Denshu.

Basic information of “denshu Special Junmai”

Basic information on “Denshu” is organized from labels and official websites.

  • Type of liquor    Special Junmai
  • Rice polishing rate        55%
  • Raw rice        “Hanabuki” made in Japan 100%
  • Alcohol        16%

What is Special Junmai

Under the Japanese Liquor Tax Law, sake is classified according to its quality.

“Special Junmai” has the following definition.

  • Must be made only with rice and rice jiuqu.
  • The rice polishing rate is 60% or less.

Even if the rice polishing rate is 60% or more, it is considered as “Special Junmai” if it is made by a special manufacturing method.

The scent and color of “denshu Special Junmai”


As you can see in the picture, the color is colorless, transparent and transparent.

However, the characteristic of this sake is its aroma.

Generally, “Ginjo sake” has a high aroma, but this sake is not “Ginjo sake”.

However, “denshu Special Junmai” has a very mellow scent, and if expressed, it has a melon-like scent.

The taste of “denshu Special Junmai”

The taste is rich, and you can feel the sweetness and umami.

When you put it in your mouth, the scent spreads in your mouth.

This liquor is very delicious if you drink it about 3 days after opening it, rather than immediately after opening it.


Thank you for reading to the end.

“denshu Special Junmai” was a delicious sake with a rich aroma and a very good balance of sweetness and umami.

I wrote that it is difficult to obtain even in Japan, but that is the story at a liquor store.

You may be able to drink at an izakaya, so it is recommended that you check in advance when you come to Japan.

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